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    Insurance Claims

No Hassle/No Fee Insurance Specialists

We have over 11 years experience working with insurance companies on hail and wind claims in Houston and the surrounding areas. In many cases, we have assisted insurance companies with identification of damage and estimating the claim. We know what to look for, how to process your claim and make sure you get the funds necessary to compensate for your losses.

Houston Strong Roofing L.L.C. has handled thousands of insurance claims. You are in good hands with our knowledgeable staff. We will be glad to help you with your claim and explain anything you may have questions about. If you already have a claim, you can contact us for a free, no obligation claims assessment. Each roof and situation are different, however, your claim will be handled the same no matter who you are insured through. Insurance companies typically obtain your replacement cost by multiplying the fair market value in your area by the amount of roofing you have to replace. Below are some common questions consumers have about insurance claims. If you have additional questions, please contact us for further assistance. We are always glad to help.

(We do not charge for meeting with your insurance adjuster to fight for your claim. We only ask that we do the work once we receive the insurance company’s approval.)

If your property was hit by a severe storm:

Before you begin repairs it is imperative that your insurance settlement is accurate and the scope of work includes everything necessary to fully restore your property. If you already filed a claim, it is our experience that the initial insurance adjuster’s assessment is often incomplete and does not properly reflecting all the damage incurred. (Insurance adjuster’s must have a large general knowledge of construction, but they do not always have expertise in certain trades, therefore they can miss damage, exclude important components, provide an estimate with improper pricing, etc.)

Our highly experienced and skilled team is here to help you with your insurance claim at any stage of the process. Some of the services we supply:

  • Meet with the Insurance Company’s adjuster to assess damage and discuss proper restoration
  • Review claim estimate for accuracy and appropriateness of repairs recommended
  • Employ or recommend Public Adjusters, Attorneys, Engineers, trades experts when needed
  • Consult and advise you throughout the process to insure that you are fully informed and fairly treated

Once your damage is properly estimated and your insurance claim is settled, we will repair the property. After the work is complete we will:

  • Collect any additional depreciation funds held by insurance
  • Assist with mortgage company endorsements and inspections
  • Bring the entire project to completion
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